BD-4 Windshield

The original windshield is a single flat sheet of plexiglass. Some builders have replaced the plexiglass with Lexan. But Lexan has it's own disadvantages. Plexiglass still seems to be the best choice.

There is a design improvement in the Virginian Patriot which aims to reduce grazing. Basically, Don suggests to not screw the windshield in directly, but cut a strip off the edges and use that to form a distance between two strips of aluminum. Then hold the windshield in the gap and use sealant.

Roger Mellema developed a rounded wind shield which improves the cruise speed and lowers the wind noise. You can buy the rounded windshield from Gee Bee Canopies in WA state, refer to the supplier's page.

From Mark Miller comes a PDF* document which gives instructions together with excellent drawings how to install this windshield.

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docs\ 610 kByte Much smaller file and faster to download. You need a ZIP extractor (i.e. WinZip). This is a built-in feature of Windows XP. The extracted file is the 6.8 MB PDF document.

* You need Adobe's PDF Reader